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Surveying and protecting heritage


We regularly survey period and rather special Grade II listed houses which required our specialist knowledge for systematically planning and executing our survey investigation to preserve the original features.



Graceful staircase and spectacular formal rooms which retain original magnificent features are inspected using discrete core drilling, careful removal and replacement of solid oak floor boards using secret nail techniques, bore-scopes and video-scopes

This 28 storey listed building with its very special architectural and historic interest for teak and cherry veneer panelling are aspects that required detailed planning and sensitive methods for surveying during our site investigations over several years

Extensive Experience Surveying Listed and Heritage Buildings throughout the country

Whether a castle or palace or modern & sleek - we apply high standards of survey technique

Black and White Building
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Asbestobel - UKAS Accredited for 

Management surveys: (domestic and commercial premises)

Refurbishment surveys: (domestic and commercial premises)
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