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Have Bias Toward Action

A clear vision backed by asbestobel plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal control



Asbestobel Limited offer bespoke Asbestos Risk Management Plans that are exceptional strategies in controlling the inherent health and safety risk posed by asbestos containing materials in the workplace.


We share our 35 years of knowledge to bring you greater awareness and management scrutiny, more transparency and support in the creation of a systematic approach by duty holders and staff.


An Asbestos Management Plan is not an end in itself, but a powerful tool to ensure the duty holder meets the conditions set for sustaining asbestos management compliance, such as preparing health and safety documentation, staff awareness and training, information dissemination throughout the organisation and the operation maintenance of asbestos containing materials.


This approach may not be appropriate for all workplace environments, although, those involving complex risk management systems and/or significant technological change, different plans will be designed to offer different outputs, depending on the circumstances.

This means there is no standard model for managing the risk from asbestos in the workplace, though the underlying regulatory principles should be the same.


Based on our wealth of experience in supporting clients create the necessary framework, and, while taking account of budgetary constraints, the following procedure has evolved for identifying options most likely to work:


  • Management of Health and Safety at Work etc. Regulations.

  • Use of guidance.

  • ACOPs. These are a tremendous aide whilst still allowing scope for alternative, equally good, ways of controlling hazards and reducing risks.

  • Goal-setting regulations. These may help to amplify general duties.

  • Specific or prescriptive regulations


We welcome the views and queries of those involved with the operation of asbestos risk management in any way, whether as duty holders or as other stakeholders, on the implementation of asbestos regulatory demands.

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