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We’re celebrating

Over 3 million sq. /ft. of property space safely managed for asbestos compliance

Asbestobel - UKAS Accredited for 

Management surveys: (domestic and commercial premises)

Refurbishment surveys: (domestic and commercial premises)

There are less than 170 UK organisations with the internationally recognised technical ability to provide asbestos surveys.


You now have an informed choice and not a gamble when instructing your next survey.


Our hands-on approach guarantees the most detailed inspections possible, and to prove it, we triple check before signing off every report for you.


UKAS accreditation demonstrates our long standing belief that our Technical Competence, Integrity and Independence are second to none, moreover, we can compete with other accredited inspection bodies on a level playing field.

  • Are your asbestos services up to the mark?

  • Are you confident with your asbestos compliance?

  • You now have an informed choice and not a gamble

  • Request a free gap analysis by one of our qualified consultants

  • Grab yourself a coffee and give us a call for an immediate insight into your level of asbestos compliance

Best Value, Best Advice, Best Practice

Best value is something we all achieve instinctively in our personal lives; we don’t buy the cheapest possible house, we trade-off between price, suitability and performance to achieve the greatest overall benefit. Don’t leave that common sense approach at home, bring it to work.

Are your inspection services up to the mark?

What can be more important than your organisation’s reputation, your reputation could be destroyed overnight if it is shown that your inspections are unreliable. Can you afford not to use a UKAS accredited inspection body?


On the other hand, would you like to test the value of your current asbestos supplier from time to time by inviting comparative fee proposals from ourselves?

When the proverbial hits the fan, there are those with umbrellas and those without!

If you have a HSE visit or are unfortunate enough to find yourself in court on an asbestos management related matter, the use of a UKAS accredited inspection body is a powerful demonstration that you have exercised all due diligence in the selection and appointment of an inspection body. It’s a strong message that quality sits at the heart of your business.

Most people in your situation during first contact had the impression they didn't need our services, couldn’t afford them, or they were just satisfied with their current supplier.


Today they are our best customers and recommend us to others.


We would love to have an opportunity to discuss this more with you.


Alternatively, would you like us to send you our price list catalogue?

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